The Parent-child relationship has a major influence on most aspects of child development. Here at T.W.AN we assist our families to find constructive ways to help each other lay the foundation that will build successful relationships.


Family Therapy:

We Assist our Families with Restoring Structure.... ​​



​T.W.A.N uses family therapy to help our families to understand how to solve an individual problem that is affecting the whole family:

  • Behavioral Problems
  • Conflicts (siblings, parents and children and spouse)
  • Depression
  • Addiction etc.

Parenting Classes:.



Together We Attack Negativity, 

to Restore, Restructure & Rebuild our Children, Families & Communities​!

​T.W.A.N believe that family support groups are relationship-focused groups that will strengthen evolving journeys with our families. Family Involvement helps to: 

  • Increase Knowledge
  • Build Skills
  • Build/Increase Family Interaction
  • Successful Relationships etc.


​Family Support Groups:

​T.W.A.N feels that it is significant for parents to know and understand their children, therefore we assist our parents with understanding and knowing the difference between:

  • Discipline & Abuse
  • Discipline & Behavior Management
  • Child Development Knowledge & Care
  • Promoting Child Social Skills and Pro Social Behavior etc.